Saundra Peppers Cooper
CMA Member & NSAI Member — Saundra Peppers Cooper was born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  Soon afterward, she moved with her family to Southern California where she has lived most of her life.  Growing up in the music industry as the daughter of William “Bill” Peppers, music has always held an important place in Saundra’s life.  As a child, she often suggested song titles and lyrics to her father, with whom she shared an appreciation for all genres of music. 
After dabbling in songwriting for many years, Saundra began to take her hobby more seriously around the beginning of the new millennium.  In the wee hours of the morning shortly after 9/11, God sent Saundra the words and melody to pen the song “My Healing Cup” for our country’s heroes that day.  Positive that the song was heaven-sent, Saundra mailed CDs of her song to the Pentagon.  Soon after, she went to the site of the World Trade Center and handed CDs to those for whom she wrote “My Healing Cup.”  The abundant responses, though not surprising, were touching.  The NYPD and FDNY wrote letters and emails thanking her for her gift to them.
“My Healing Cup” continued along its remarkable path when the FDNY came to Southern California to play a basketball game against the Redondo Beach Police Department.  The RBPD played “My Healing Cup” at half-time.
Saundra was inspired again to write “He Is the One”, a song that began as a tribute to her father and turned out as a tribute to her heavenly father.  The song title pays homage to Bill Peppers’s song “I Was The One, sung by Elvis Presley.  Saundra sent this song out to churches across the country, and hand delivered it to the Martin Luthur King Jr.’s Ebenezer Church in Atlanta, where her song was well received.
Saundra’s most recent work, “The Secret - Fast Forward Here I Am”, exemplifies her experience with the phenomenon illuminated by the truly inspirational book and film, The Secret. After seeing an episode of the Oprah Winfrey Show about The Secret,   Saundra was inspired to write the song. She then wrote  to The Secret team about her song where she and her song received many e-mails of positive feedback.
The joy and fulfillment of her experience writing, arranging, working in the studio, and collaborating with some incredible producers was all the inspiration Saundra needed.  In 2005 Saundra decided to harness her passion and create her own recording studio.  After a bit of planning, building, and fine-tuning, Cywriter Music is established.
Saundra’s vision is to assist others in getting their music polished, recorded and set to release to the world for its enjoyment.  Whether you are looking to record your voice, your song, or your entire ensemble, Saundra and Cywriter Music have an unending treasure of inspiration, and a resolve to do justice to all of your musical creations.   Cywriter is contracted with a digital delivery service to enable submitting your performances and/or songs to various sites including iTunes.  Cywriter Music will ensure that you and your works are protected by providing you with the knowledge and “know how” of copyright. 
Cywriter Music offers you a state-of-the-art studio to record your songs, as well as experienced musicians to assist you in the studio.  Many instruments are on hand to choose from, including a Boston by Steinway Baby Grand Piano.  Cywriter Music has male and female vocalists available that will sing or assist you with vocals.  Saundra offers her assistance with both lyrics and melody to your songs. Cywriter Music’s recording engineer works and mixes your productions with Pro Tools.